Wide Open Humanitarian

Wide Open Humanitarian, Inc was formed in 2007 after Doctors Gregory A. Williams and Scott R. Dyer traveled to Peru on a humanitarian dental expedition.

They realized that in the wide open world that we live in, there are many people who have such limited access to dentistry that they must sometimes suffer in pain for years – many times never receiving treatment for their problems.

Wide Open Humanitarian was formed with four main objectives:

  1. To treat those who have geographic or financial barriers to dental treatment.
  2. To teach and educate patients in rural areas oral hygiene.
  3. Where possible, to work with local dentists, providing continuing education.
  4. To motivate and inspire other dentists, dental students, and others in the joys and satisfaction of humanitarianism.

To learn more about Wide Open Humanitarian and how you can help please visit our Web site at www.wideopenhumanitarian.org

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