Tooth Bonding

Are your teeth perfect, even, straight, and white? Do they make you feel confident and self-assured when you show your smile to the world? If you hesitated when you read that question, please do not feel ashamed and embarrassed. Many Americans struggle with unsightly stains and discolorations on their teeth, but they often feel powerless to do anything about it.

They may think that fixing their gapped, uneven teeth will require an invasive orthodontic procedure or that fixing their teeth will be painful. If you struggle with cosmetic flaws on your teeth and are uncertain how to proceed with improving their appearance, then we here at Gregory A. Williams, DMD, PC would love to share with you the many benefits of dental bonding.

What is Tooth Bonding and What Does it Treat?

Dental bonding is one of the least invasive and simple dental procedures that are available to our patients. It often does not even require any sort of dental anesthetic; it is that gentle and easy to have it completed. If you struggle with problems with your teeth and are shying away from cosmetic treatments to improve it, then you perhaps have not yet heard about dental bonding.

Dental bonding is a specific type of cosmetic resin that, unlike crowns or veneers, are painted directly onto your tooth. It is made up of the same type of material that we use for tooth-colored fillings. Because they are directly painted onto your tooth, we can preserve more of your natural tooth when we apply the dental bonding. This makes it a minimally-invasive option to help treat a wide variety of flaws that you may struggle within your smile.

Some of the common conditions that we can treat with dental bonding include stains and yellowing of your teeth, superficial chips or cracks on them, and uneven spaces and gaps between your teeth. Teeth that are too small in size can be built up with bonding, allowing them to fit in with the rest of your teeth. If your teeth are uneven and do not line up properly, bonding can even help them seem more uniform.

Getting dental bonding can be completed in as little as just one appointment, as we do not need to have any restorations created in a lab to complete the procedure. If you do find that you have sensitive teeth, we are more than happy to offer local anesthetic to help ensure your comfort, but it is rarely necessary. We will then lightly etch the surface of your affected tooth, then carefully apply the bonding resin to it. Once we are happy with the shape of it, we will then cure it using a special ultraviolet light. This helps keep your teeth durable and strong. We will then continue to polish and shape the tooth until we are both satisfied. From start to finish, the entire procedure can take less than an hour to complete.

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Dental bonding is a surprisingly affordable and easy way to improve a myriad of cosmetic dental concerns. If you are interested in learning more about how dental bonding can help you feel happy about your smile again, please give us here at Gregory A. Williams, DMD, PC a call at 503-620-2020 today!
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