Which is More Effective, Flossing or Water Flossers?

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Gregory A. Williams
Which is More Effective, Flossing or Water Flossers?Both are equally effective, depending on your level of ability, financial means, and access to water.

String floss is portable, easy to use for most people, and doesn't require machinery. However, it can be difficult to reach some spaces in the mouth, which could lead to tooth decay down the road. String flossing has been recommended by many dentists, continuously, over a span of years. It has been proven to be effective through many controlled studies. String floss is inexpensive, easily accessible, and can be used outside the home.

Water flossers work by blasting debris from between the teeth and beneath the gums with a stream of water. This method is great for people with braces, or other dental work, like fixed bridges. In these cases, string flossing becomes very difficult due to these obstructions. The stream of water is also capable of penetrating the gum line, and hard-to-reach spots in the mouth. Some studies have claimed that water flossing is linked to a decreased risk of gingivitis. “Claimed” and “linked” are both words to watch when it comes to studies: There is no conclusive proof that water flossing is any more effective than string flossing.

So, Which Works Best?

In short: Both work. The effectiveness is just about the same, depending on your ability level and lifestyle. If you feel you just aren't getting to some of those “problem areas”, it may be best to invest in a water flosser. Both water flossing and string flossing can be used in tandem, as part of a good oral hygiene routine.

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