Do You Need to Worry About Your Toothbrush if You Chronically Get Cold Sores?

Posted on 8/30/2019 by Gregory A. Williams
Do You Need to Worry About Your Toothbrush if You Chronically Get Cold Sores?Cold sores are a viral infection that can affect the lips, inner cheeks and gums. They can cause a variety of symptoms that include blisters, fluid oozing from the cold sore and pain.

It is important to not only treat the cold sores, but also prevent them from spreading. For anyone that gets cold sores regularly, one of the areas they need to think about is their toothbrush. The toothbrush can impact chronic cold sores in several ways.

What are Cold Sores?

Cold sores are a result of the activation of a herpes simplex virus. The virus can remain dormant in the body. Cold sores are a sign that the virus is experiencing a flare-up. Treatment of the cold sores includes medications for any pain or discomfort and treatment to reduce the inflammation of the cold sore.

How to Connect a Toothbrush with Chronic Cold Sores

You brush your teeth to remove the bacteria and food debris that attaches to the teeth and gums. It is a violent action. You are scrubbing away at the enamel of the teeth to remove these things. If you have a cold sore, the bristles of the toothbrush can also pick up the virus that causes the cold sores. This virus can remain alive for several days. That means the next time you are using the toothbrush; you are allowing the virus another chance to infect part of your mouth.

If you have an occasional cold sore, it is best to replace your toothbrush once you have taken care of the cold sore. If you have chronic cold sores, replacing the brush each time is not always that easy. In either case, you need to make sure you clean the toothbrush after each use with an antimicrobial cleaning product. This can help prevent the spread of more cold sores.

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