What Dangers Come with Having Oral Piercings?

Posted on 6/30/2019 by Gregory A. Williams
What Dangers Come with Having Oral Piercings?Oral piercings are a popular body art trend that many people believe to be a sign of self-expression. While all of this may be true, these piercings are still dangerous. Not only could an oral piercing serve as a choking hazard, but these other dangers are possibilities.


One of the biggest dangers that come with having an oral piercing is the possibility for infection. Your mouth is full of bacteria, so when the tongue or lip are punctured, bacteria have easy access into the blood stream. If you fail to care for your teeth properly, you could end up with harmful bacteria in your mouth that can traverse throughout the rest of your body.

Tooth Movement

Most people with tongue piercings never take out their jewelry, as the tongue can heal and close quickly. Unfortunately, this means that the front teeth will have constant pressure of the hardware against their backs. This can make them loosen and even shift positions, creating crowding issues and gaps where there weren't problems before. The alignment and appearance of your smile could be dramatically different.

Broken Teeth

If your oral piercing knocks into your teeth while talking, eating, sleeping, or playing sports, your teeth may experience fractures, chips, and cracks. Minor issues may be fixed with a filling or crown, but deep cracks could require a root canal or extraction to correct.

Gum Recession

Oral piercings don't just affect the teeth. They can also impact the gums. If a lip piercing is constantly rubbing up against your gums, they could start to recede. As the gums pull away from the teeth, you my experience sensitivity, especially if the root is exposed.

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