How to Manage a Loose Tooth as an Adult?

Posted on 6/20/2019 by Gregory A. Williams
How to Manage a Loose Tooth as an Adult?As an adult, there isn't much that can be more alarming than a loose tooth. A loose tooth will affect your ability to eat and can also affect your speech. But don't despair. Many times, a loose tooth can be saved, but it also depends on the cause of the loose tooth.

Before we go into ways to manage a loose tooth you should understand what can cause the problem. Aside from learning the treatment options, knowing the cause can help you avoid getting a loose tooth.

There are a variety of reasons a tooth can become loose. Obviously, the top of the list will be an accident of some kind. If you clench or grind your teeth you can also end up with a loose tooth. The action of clenching and grinding can damage the tissues that hold the tooth in place. Unfortunately, many people don't realize that they have this affliction because they do it at night when they are sleeping. At your regular visit, we can see signs of this affliction and fit you with a mouth guard to wear at night.

Pregnancy can cause teeth to loosen due to the hormonal changes that take place, but generally, this corrects itself once your child is born. Gum disease is one of the biggest causes of loose teeth in adults. Good oral hygiene habits can help you avoid this as a cause. Again, semi-annual dental checkups can help us treat gum disease before it causes a loose tooth.

How Do You Fix Loose Teeth?

There are a variety of ways we can help with loose teeth. What we can do is determined by the cause. If gum disease is causing the problem, we can do a deep cleaning of your gums to remove the bacteria and reverse the disease. Once your gums are healed your tooth will again be strong. Medication and mouth rinses can also help infected gums to heal them.

Which method we use depends on how bad the problem is. The sooner we catch it the easier the treatment. The key is to contact us as soon as you feel it getting loose. The sooner we find it the better the chance of saving the tooth.

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