Sharing Your Toothbrush Could Expose Your Mouth to a Lot of Bacteria

Posted on 5/30/2019 by Gregory A. Williams
Sharing Your Toothbrush Could Expose Your Mouth to a Lot of BacteriaWhen you are in love with someone, you may think that you can share everything with them—including your toothbrush.

However, this is not a good idea, even if you wash the toothbrush afterwards. In fact, sharing a toothbrush is quite likely to lead to elevated bacteria levels in your mouth. This, in turn, could increase your chances of contracting a disease or infection.

Brushing Your Teeth Can Open Infection Pathways

You probably have noticed, from time to time, that you may occasionally cut your soft mouth tissues when you brush. Whether it's from bearing down too hard on your gum tissue or accidentally scratching your tongue or palate, the soft tissues in your mouth do on occasion suffer cuts or scratches when you brush your teeth.

Normally, this is not a big deal. After all, these tissues are among the fastest-healing tissues in the body. However, if you are using someone else's toothbrush, you are exposing yourself to all kinds of bacteria from someone else's mouth. This, combined with the occasional nick or scratch, can lead to big trouble.

Cleaning Your Toothbrush is Not Enough

Even if you think you can eliminate this risk by cleaning the toothbrush between uses, the fact of the matter is you can't. Cleaning the toothbrush will certainly decrease the levels of bacteria found on it, but it's virtually impossible to completely eliminate them.

Consider the topography of a toothbrush. You have hundreds and hundreds of bristles, not to mention the holes in which the bristles are anchored. All of these spots are places where bacteria can hang out and hide. Even if you clean the brush thoroughly, you simply are not going to get them all.

A better idea is to be sure you have plenty of spare toothbrushes on hand. That way you are never in the position of needing to borrow someone else's toothbrush.

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