How to Drink Coffee Without Staining Your Teeth

Posted on 11/14/2016 by Gregory A. Williams
Several people drinking coffeeFor many of us, that first cup of tea of coffee plays an almost sacred role in our morning rituals. While that morning pick-me-up may provide us a variety of health benefits, your favorite morning beverage comes with a potential price: stains on your tooth enamel. This could make it necessary to visit your SW Portland cosmetic dentist for whitening treatments.
Just imagining what happens if you leave a mug sitting overnight with coffee or tea in it can provide an accurate idea of what drinking these types of beverage can do to the complexion of our smiles.
Of course, not everyone has the same susceptibility to enamel staining as others. Some of us are just more genetically predisposed to staining, which is why your coffee-chugging cubicle neighbor may enjoy pearly white teeth, while you, an occasional tea sipper, may be noticing stains.
By now most of us understand that the primary culprits behind teeth staining are soda, tobacco, red wine, tea and coffee. However, what might not be as well-known are the other types of foods that can cause enamel staining. Tomatoes and berries are guilty of teeth staining, as are over-the-counter oral rinses that contain stannous fluoride or cetylpyridinium. These types of ingredients are found in most common mouthwashes.
Individuals suffering from asthma that use acidic inhalants may also find that it dissolves their tooth enamel, making them more susceptible to tooth staining.
So what should you do if you want to keep your smile shining brightly but can't imagine giving up your morning coffee? Here are a few helpful tips:

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