Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Care

As an emergency dentist in Tigard, Dr. Greg Williams, D.M.D understands that some oral health issues just can’t wait until an appointment opens on the calendar. If you’ve suffered a cracked, broken, chipped or dislodged tooth, you need prompt dental care to ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong. Dr. Williams offers same-day appointments for patients in need of emergency dental care. We know that oral trauma can negatively impact your ability to perform basic daily activities like eating and drinking, while also causing unwanted stress over your appearance. Dr. Williams can help take the stress out of your dental emergency by providing the high quality, attentive care you require.

If you need an emergency dentist in Tigard, call the Tigard dental office of Dr. Greg Williams today! Dr. Williams offers a range of emergency dental care services that include:

Loose or Broken Filling

If you’ve noticed something doesn’t seem right when eating, or you experience pain or discomfort whenever you bite down, you may have a filling that’s become loose, broken or has actually fallen out. While dental fillings can last for many years, daily wear can cause any type of filling to fail suddenly.

Once you realize that something is wrong, you need to contact Dr. Williams to schedule an appointment. Depending on the extent of the damage to the filling, Dr. Williams may be able to repair the tooth by:

  • Smoothing the damaged area of the filling
  • The placement of a temporary filling until the tooth can be fully restored with a larger placement
  • Removing the broken filling and cleaning any debris out the cavity
  • The placement of a new filling to restore your oral function
  • Discussing the possibility of a more in-depth restoration like an implant, crown or bridge

As part of your emergency dental exam, Dr. Williams will take x-rays to determine the extent of the damage or decay your tooth has suffered. The x-rays will also help Dr. Williams to examine the root of the tooth to determine whether an infection has spread throughout the inner tissue.

Don’t risk putting off seeing a dentist should you suffer a broken or loose filling. The delicate interior of your tooth – called the dentin – is easily susceptible to oral bacteria. Harmful oral bacteria can infect this tissue, leading to widespread decay that could result in tooth loss.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

While tooth enamel ranks as one of the hardest and most resilient substances in the body, it does have limits to the stress it can take. Suffering a fall, facial trauma or just biting down on something hard – especially if your teeth already suffer from decay – can cause a tooth to chip or break. If you experience a chipped or broken tooth, don’t freak out. Dr. Williams can repair or restore your tooth back to health.

If you break, crack or chip a tooth, you need to visit Dr. Williams immediately. Otherwise, the damage could become worse if the tooth becomes infected, which may result in losing the tooth. Treatment for chipped or broken tooth will depend on the extent of the damage. A severely damaged tooth may require extensive work to repair, while a small crack or chip may be repairable with a filling or dental bonding.

Dental Abscess

An infection of the throat, jaw, face, or mouth, a dental abscess begins as a simple tooth infection before becoming a far more serious threat to your health. An abscess may originally develop due to a deep-rooted cavity, or as the result of recent dental work. However, the most likely cause of an abscess is poor oral health. Failing to brush and floss daily leads to the development of decay and gum disease, which increases the risk of an infection.

Dental abscesses require immediate attention, and could prove life threatening if ignored should the infection spread to your brain. Abscesses generally appear as a lump or swelling along the gum line. As the abscess begins filling with pus, the affected area will become tender and can cause pain or discomfort when touched. If you’re suffering from the symptoms of a dental abscess you need to schedule a consultation with Dr. Williams immediately.

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