Wild Dentistry

Tigard dentist Dr. Williams sticks to human patients, but the world of animal dentistry is quickly evolving. Dental health is already a big focus of the preventative care provided by veterinarians of cats and dogs, and now dentistry is being taken to the next level: wild animals. A recent article in the New Yorker highlights…

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From Farm to Smile: Seasonal Favorites

At your Tigard dental office, spring is our favorite season. Yes, it’s true that all Oregonians say that, but dentists in the Portland metro area have another reason to be excited about spring: farmers markets. Farmers markets aren’t just about supporting the local economy, they’re also one of the best sources of fresh, healthy, seasonal…

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A Saccharine Scandal

Your Tigard dentist is interested in all health news, particularly the kind that impacts his patients’ dental health! Imagine how much Dr. Williams’ ears pricked up at this recent NPR story: way back in the 60s and 70s, the sugar industry steered sugar research onto a dead-end road in an attempt to keep their product…

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Oral Cancer Awareness

It’s disconcerting to think about, but oral cancer can happen to anyone. Despite this, not everyone is at equal risk; African American men have the highest risk of oral cancer— and many are not even aware of this fact. The first step in protecting your health, and the health of your friends and neighbors, is…

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New Possibilities for Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can be a total drag. Just when you’re about to enjoy that (occasional) bite of cold, creamy chocolate ice cream, or your first sip of fresh-brewed coffee– it hits you. A painful “twinge” only other sufferers of sensitive teeth can truly understand. Why so sensitive? The phenomenon of sensitive teeth occurs because dentin—…

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What is Antibiotic Prophylaxis?

Dental procedures at your Tigard dentist are safe, quick, and comfortable; for most patients, no medication is required. In some cases, however, your medical history may indicate that you would benefit from what’s called “Antibiotic Prophylaxis.” This will be recommended by Dr. Williams or your physician. But what is it? Antibiotic prophylaxis is taking antibiotics…

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Battling Bad Breath

We all know that bad breath, or halitosis, is the original buzzkill when it comes to a first date, but halitosis actually affects far more than that first romantic interview. Bad breath has a variety of causes and can be an indicator of bigger problems; your dentist in Portland believes it’s an important issue to…

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